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Sarah Friederich

Not a New York Times bestseller (yet), S. A. J. Friederich self-published her debut book The Ties That Bind on Amazon when things were a little less hectic in her life. She has two other books available in e-book format only; you can find them on Amazon: A Daughter's Love and Never Forgotten. Living as a troll in her brother's basement, she is slowly getting back on the bridge of writing again with her two cats and dog to distract her daily.

An avid reader, D&D fan, gamer, and enthusiast of hobby after hobby, she strives to pursue the enjoyments in life and tries not to dwell on the negatives.

You can find her on social media like the ones listed below:
Twitter: @SAJFriederich

WausaubiCon is a celebration of all things Geek: Animation, Science Fiction, Video and Board Games, Costumes, Steampunk, Writing, and Drawing, here in Central Wisconsin. Hosted by Central Wisconsin Anime, this event is open to the public and to all ages. Come join in the fun!

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