Guests of Honor

Samantha Gorel

Copic Certified artist Samantha Gorel, AKA "Mireielle," is a freelance artist who works in illustration, comic books, concept art and tutorial creation. Gorel has already made a name for herself stateside as illustrator and writer of Once Upon a Titan and Flower in the anthology Flower.Picture.Mask, as well as illustrating Danger Line (all Doujinshi),and now has a following overseas with her new tutorial book, Manga: The Mega Guide, published by England's SEARCH Press in 2016. She will also be teaching upcoming art workshops at the International School of Comic in Chicago this year.

Before catching the eye of a traditional publisher, Gorel, who specializes in Copic marker and digital artworks, developed a large fan base with her self-published works. If she looks familiar, you've probably seen her at Artist Alley or one of the many conventions she's either exhibited at or attended as a featured panelist. Knowing how difficult it was for her to go from unknown to fan favorite, Gorel takes special interest in beginner artists by offering free online tutorials as well. See more of her work at

Frozen Rose Cosplay

Frozen and Rose are a two-woman cosplay team hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin. They have been costuming together since they met via their local Renaissance faire. However, it wasn't until 2012 they began competing in their hand crafted cosplays. Now at the master level, they love to share their love and passion for cosplay and promoting positivity within the community.

DJ Kade

For over 8 years, Kade has dedicated himself to bringing the best in Electronic music of all genres and varieties to conventions throughout Wisconsin and beyond. When he isn't managing Kitsune Kon's yearly Amplifier, he can be found behind the decks spinning his signature blend of old-school Hard Dance music along with today's freshest beats, rocking parties across the US and leaving behind a trail of healed souls and destroyed dance floors in the process. Never failing to pull out new tricks and tracks for every live appearance, Kade aims to make this year's WausaubiCon dance one of its most memorable events yet!

WausaubiCon is a celebration of all things Geek: Animation, Science Fiction, Video and Board Games, Costumes, Steampunk, Writing, and Drawing, here in Central Wisconsin. Hosted by Central Wisconsin Anime, this event is open to the public and to all ages. Come join in the fun!

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