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Hi, Deb here.

I want to thank you all for making WausaubiCon 2013 a success! I hope you had as much fun as we did. Greg Ayres, Tia Ballard, Daniel and Jules Mohr and Samurai Dan and Jillian, you were all incredibly gracious and kind to each and every person at the convention, and that means a lot to me personally and as Co-Chair for WSBC. I'd also like to thank Central Wisconsin Gaming Enthusiasts and the University of Wisconsin--Marathon Campus Anime Club. Both organizations have been instrumental in making WSBC '13 a success.

You'll see our host, the Best Western Midway Hotel Wausau, listed in our Likes list on Facebook. Be sure to visit their Facebook and Trip Advisor pages to let them know what you thought of the home they gave us. I'll be extending some words of my own in the very near future.

As those who were at closing ceremonies know, WausaubiCon is going on hiatus. WausaubiCon was good--but YOU, the fans we serve, deserve better and it is our mission as an organization to give it to you. So, we're taken some time off to get more staff and a bigger home for us all.

Meanwhile, keep watching this page--Central Wisconsin Anime and WausaubiCon staff will be holding smaller events so we can all get together and have our own special fun! You'll find details here and on our Facebook page as we get new events planned.

Thanks again to all our supporters--we couldn't be here without you, literally!

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